end story of 2011

Assalamualaikum ! Annyeonghaseyo ! Hello ! today , my title is end story of 2011 . I just want to share with you all about my life along year of 2011 . During the year of 2011 there are a lot of  fond memories with my friends and my family even though this year I PMR examinations . PMR results are all I leave it to God . either failed or passed , I received a sincere heart . I'm also happy that this year I became fairly responsible and be more cheerful than last year because I have many friends at my school and they are all very friendly with me and always taught me when I did not understand a subject . I think I was most fortunate people in this world . Now I became interested in Korean artists like SHINee , Boyfriend , Super Junior and Ukiss . but my first interest is SHINee and Boyfriend . They gave me the inspiration to become a better person . they also taught me to not be quickly give up and always strive harder to achieve a goal ! thanks SHINee and Boyfriend ! I'm always support you forever , ever and ever ! I'm proud because now I'm fans of you ! Fighting !